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HTML Test for the <object> Tag

The object tag is designed to replace the <applet>, <embed>, and <img> tags, and to provide nested alternative content, should the browser not be able to render the intended object insertion.

Unfortunately, no current browser correctly implements all aspects of this tag. The examples below will allow you to see if your browser is following all the rules.

Embedding Images

The <img> tag is still used for images, although it is not as useful as the <object> tag, which offers alternate content through the nesting of tags, a few other helpful features. Try out these tests to find out if your browser supports all types of images properly.

Fallback with Nested Tags

The HTML 4.01 specification states that the object tag can have multiple other tags or content nested inside it, including other <object> tags, and that only the first container which can be rendered (checking from the outside in) should be displayed. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer renders all <object> tags, instead of just the first one that works.

Embedding HTML and Text Files

HTML and XHTML Strict disallow the use of frames, which unfortunately includes the <iframe> “inline frame” tag, which can be used to embed other HTML files. The <object> tag can be used as its replacement, but not all browsers implement it properly. This page will show if your browser does.

Embedding Java Applets

Most authors use the <applet> tag to embed Java applets in their pages, but this tag no longer exists in the HTML 4.01 Strict and XHTML 1.0/1.1 Strict specifications. Fear not, for the <object> tag can handle this as well.

Embedding Video

Real Video MIME only
This page tests the ability of a browser to load an already installed Real plugin based on the MIME type.

Embedding Audio

Plugin-Agnostic Multimedia

Embedding SMIL Content?

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