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I’m an accomplished technical writer, fluent in many aspects of the trade, including hand-coding XHTML, understanding and explaining technical standards, wiki articles, blogging, twittering, desktop publishing, and even some graphic design. And I’m passionite about many different areas of technology, including consumer electronics, computer-aided design, Web technology, and everything in-between.

I am most well known for my decade-long stint as the Technical Editor of CADENCE magazine. But I have also worked for a boutique electronics frim, manufacturing and reselling amateur radio accessories, and a stint as a technical marketing manager at NVIDIA, working with the high-end professional graphics cards.

If you care about quality and innovation in your products, but are looking to add someone to your team that can envision, explain, and help guide you in best practices—before the social web blasts you for selling crap—please come talk to me. I’m passionite about making technology work better, and can help you in many ways doring product development.

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