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User Interface Standards

ISO/IEC 9995 series—Information technology—Keyboard layouts for text and office systems
ISO/IEC 10741-1:1995—Information technology—User system interfaces—Dialogue interaction—Part 1: Cursor control for text editing
ISO/IEC 10741-1:1995/Amd 1:1996—Macro cursor control
ISO/IEC TR 11580:2007—Information technology—Framework for describing user interface objects, actions and attributes
ISO/IEC 11581 series—Information technology—User system interfaces and symbols—Icon symbols and functions
ISO/IEC 14754—Information technology—Pen-Based Interfaces—Common gestures for Text Editing with Pen-Based Systems
ISO/IEC 15411—Information technology—Segmented keyboard layouts
ISO/IEC 15412—Information technology—Portable computer keyboard layouts
ISO/IEC TR 15440—Information technology—Future keyboards and other associated input devices and related entry methods

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