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Miscellaneous Standards

ISO 7736—Road vehicles—Car radio for front installation—Installation space including connections
IP Code
ISO 31
ISO 11180—Postal addressing
ISO 13849-1—Safety of machinery
ISO 14915—Software ergonomics for multimedia user interfaces
ISO/IEC 7810—ID cards
ISO/IEC 14977—Extended Backus-Naur Form (EBNF)
ISO 15000—Electronic business eXtensible Markup Language ebXML
ISO/IEC 15408—Common Criteria – Evaluation Criteria for Information Technology Security
ISO 15836—The Dublin Core metadata element set
ISO 16750—Road vehicles -- Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronics equipment.
ISO 16982:2002—Ergonomics of human-system interaction, Usability methods supporting human-centred design
ISO 18152:2003—Ergonomics of human-system interaction, Specification for the process assessment of human-system issues
Laundry symbols
ISO 68-1—ISO general purpose screw threads — Basic profile — Metric screw threads.
ISO 261—ISO general purpose metric screw threads — General plan.
ISO 262—ISO general purpose metric screw threads — Selected sizes for screws, bolts and nuts.
ISO 965-1—ISO general purpose metric screw threads — Tolerances — Part 1: Principles and basic data.
ISO 639—Language codes
Important because some information publishers have begun using non-standard codes or abbreviations. For example, English is represented as EN in the Alpha-2 code space and ENG in the Alpha-3 code space, but some computing environments use three-letter codes that do not conform to this standard. For instance, Microsoft Windows uses ENU instead of EN-US or ENG-US for American English. (See CultureInfo.ThreeLetterWindowsLanguageName Property)
ISO 4217—Three-letter currency codes
ISO 7810—Sizes of identity cards
Used for credit cards, some business cards, travel documents, etc.
ISO 8601—International standard date and time format
ISO 13346—UDF Universal Disk Format used for optical discs, including DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray.
ISO 14651—International string ordering and comparison
ISO 15706—International Standard Audiovisual Number
ISO 26000—Social responsibility
ISO 6709—standard representation of latitude, longitude and altitude for geographic point locations
Rarely used; other formats are more common.
ISO 2145—numbering of divisions and subdivisions in written documents

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