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Geocoding Standards

I began this page to document my research in the best ways to exchange small chunks of geographic information. My key project at the beginning is to find a common format (or perhaps two) for transferring point locations, areas, track logs, and POI information among different mapping applications, primarially for use in emergency mapping applications, such as APRS and Google Earth.

My key requirements are:

The existing standard formats I am evaluating are:

Cons: No polygonal areas and no circles.
Cons: no circles.
Pros: Requires specification of the datum (coordinate reference system)
Cons: no circles.
Pros: GeoRSS GML supports specification of the datum
Simple Features
Cons: no circles.

Why circles?

Why not? A circle is the fourth most basic geometric construction, after points, lines, and polygons. Its absence from the geographic modeling systems is a fundamental flaw.

I personally need circles in order to map:

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